Weekly Market Update – Airstrikes & more

If you look at the chart below, you can’t figure out the happenings of the India Pakistan conflict in the last four days. Already enough discussion has happened and we will stick to the charts here.


Nifty Daily: 

  • The four-day conflict (so far) has not actually damaged the bullish configuration of the charts.
  • All the EMAs are back to the Bull market configuration.
  • Both FULL STO and PPO is nicely turning up after a small dip.

> I expect prices to move up from here if there is no further escalation. (Buy some PUTs to hedge if required)


Nifty Daily


Trend Momentum: 

  • The price is still sideways and the ADX is pulling back.
  • Expect Nifty to gain momentum once it moves above 11000.


ADX and Nifty


Risk O Meter: 

  • The good part of the chart below is that VIX has not increased substantially in the last four days.
  • The media hysteria has not translated into higher fear in the market, a Bullish indicator.
  • If there is no further escalation, expect markets to move up from here.
The Fear Factor



The Intermediate-Term Trend: 

  • Not much has changed from last week, we have closed near the open of the week.
  • I think a trend will materialize soon – Above 11000 or Below 10600
  • The bias is on the upside.


Nifty Weekly




Weekly Market Update – Airstrikes & more
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