Page Industries : ‘Jockey or nothing’ till 2040

Note: This post is only for education purpose. Pls. do your own due diligence before any action. 

PAGE Industries is a multi-baggers stock.  As per today’s news report –

  1. Company’s agreement with Jockey International extended till 2040.
  2. Royalty stays at 5% of net sales.
  3. Company expects to maintain margin in the 21% – 22% range.
  4. Sunder Ashok Genomal would be surprised if they don’t maintain the growth trajectory.


Page Industries Monthly Chart

Monthly Chart –

  • From July 2015 to July 2017, stock was consolidating within a triangle pattern and subsequently broke out to move higher. Triangles are continuation patterns.
  • Subsequently in the month of Feb 2018, the breakout retested the last resistance level of 18000 and bounced back sharply.


Page Industries Weekly Chart

Weekly Chart –

  • Finally breaking out from the last six months sideways consolidation.
  • Volume contracted during the consolidation period.
  • The potential upside can be as high as 30% from the 25500 level if the stock sustains above 22500.



Page Industries : ‘Jockey or nothing’ till 2040
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