Welcome to Deep in Red Advisors …


Why we made this website?

  • The idea is to have a journal for all market observations and explain the happenings in the form of a consistent narrative.

If you are facing the following problems –

  • Your advisor/broker is more interested in making you buy/sell continuously and it’s not helping you make money.
  • People whom you rely upon lack the consistency in their thought process and keep jumping between bullish/bearish bias.
  • Every recommendation of your advisor begins or ends with ” Aacha lagta hai “.
  • It’s always a Bull market, only Buy, Buy & Buy …. and when the market falls … both the gain & the pain is yours, we are just your advisors.

We have the following solutions –

  • We share our views in the BLOG section and you can check for consistency of thoughts.
  • We tell you when to EXIT after we tell you when to ENTER … both for stocks and the market.
  • We maintain a record of all our recommendations and it’s freely available for review.
  • Our timeframe for holding is till we can safely ride the trend without seriously jeopardizing the gains.

How we plan to do this?

  • Crude, Dollar, Gold & Rupee – Marco economic drivers for India.
  • Indian Market Review – All our daily, weekly and monthly analysis.
  • Market Gyan – Something interesting to read about markets and life in general.
  • Sector Summary – Stocks always move in groups, identify and stay with the leading pack.
  • Stocks in action – Our Buy/Sell recommendations.

Who it is for?

  • Spend some time reading through the Blog section and follow us for a week .. you will yourself know if it’s for you or not.